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Updated: Feb 9

Hey UMSOD Family,

I wanted to commemorate UMSOD’s ASDA’s award for Best Newsletter in this year’s District 3 Zirconia Award Ceremony with a special thanks to Jonathan Journett for his tremendous effort on the Titans of GP’s Project. We have a lot of amazing articles in store for you so keep a lookout for your GP. If you would like to share your dental school experiences, click the link below.

As D2s are quickly approaching time in clinic, it is easy to reflect on our last year and half’s ups and downs. With all of our exams and Covid-19 chaos, we can loose sight of the big picture and stuck in survival mode. But, for me, operating with a broader mindset was key.

Staying with the big picture was reminding myself why dentistry was the right choice for me and holding those reasons tightly while our class faced our challenges. I remind myself that dental school sets me up for success and will help my fellow person. That with all the chaos, I am excited to be a dentist. That I love science and am lucky and satisfied with my decision. I am also proud of myself for who I am becoming and what I am learning everyday.

Stay close with your reasons why you went to dental school and refer to them every time life throws a challenge at you. Our classmates are great, they will show more ways to cope with the demands of dental school. And remember, everything is temporary.

Love from your Newsletter Editor,



Jamie Bieber is UMSOD's ASDA Newsletter Editor. She is from New York and plays volleyball and tennis in her free time.

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