The Ultimate ADA World Dental Congress 2019

1st part written by Matthew Kim 2nd Part written by Dawar Aziz

The ADA FDI World Dental Congress 2019 was the first joint dental conference between ADA and FDI as well as the first dental conference that I attended as a dental student. Thousands of dental professionals from all around the globe came together and created a great learning ground for every participant. It certainly shed a light on organized dentistry and how ADA is operated. Continuing Education courses delivered the latest dental techniques and information such as aesthetic dentistry, oral-facial reconstruction of complete nose and maxilla with a patient and expansion of dental care with Teledentistry. Furthermore, I was able to exhibit the latest dental-related products from many companies and enjoy getting free toothbrushes and toothpaste! What impressed me the most about this whole experience was that we, as future dentists, have a solid organization that protects the rights of dental professionals and advocates oral health. The conference was undoubtedly a milestone of my dental career that would build a solid foundation in understanding where I stand as a dental student and where I will be as a dentist.

        Besides the conference itself, we were able to explore the city that is full of diversity in culture and characters. Walking through the streets of San Francisco with three other incredibly talented friends from UMSOD, I was able to appreciate the opportunity that was given and every moment I spent on this trip. Dipping my feet in the ocean while watching the vibrant sunset surely cooled down the pain from walking in a new pair of dress shoes all day. Talking about our daily experiences from the conference over a warm bowl of Japanese noodles in Japan Town and a basket full of Ghiradelli chocolates at Ghiradelli square strengthened the bonds as life-long friends as well as dental colleagues. Overall, the trip to the ADA FDI World Dental Congress 2019 in San Francisco made me more proud of what I chose to do for the rest of my life and motivated me to

learn more about different ways to become an active advocate for oral health.

ADA World Dental Congress 2019

Dawar Aziz

As a current fourth year dental student, I am no stranger to attending a dental conference. However, what made the World Dental Congress different than others was its ability to bring together dentists of all backgrounds and unit them through the various emerging topics in dentistry. The conference exhibited a wide array of CE courses and an exhibition that featured the latest and greatest advancements in the dental field. I had the pleasure of choosing what courses I was interested in, which was one of features unique to this conference. The topics were seemingly endless, ranging from aesthetic dental techniques and materials to seminars geared towards leadership and team building. In addition to the dentistry aspect, the conference was a great team building experience for the dental students from our school. We became better friends and got to do so while exploring an amazing city. I loved the overall experience!

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