Titans Of GP 1: Brian Calhoon

Updated: Jan 31

By Brian Calhoon (2020)

Edited By Jamie Bieber

What GP are you in? What is unique about your GP that you feel makes it better than the others? *

GP1 You will get really good at treatment planning and by the end nothing will phase you!

If you were a D2 what advice would you have given yourself to better prepare you for clinic? *

Be open minded and don’t stress too much about doing something new. You have a lot of resources to try different things that you might not when you are on your own. Be organized and prepared and you will succeed.

What is a trait that you believe is crucial for success in clinic? Why? *

Be organized and practice your time management! It will pay dividends as you work towards your clinic experiences.

What was your first procedure? What went right? What went wrong? What would you have done differently? What did you learn from it? *

You will most likely start out assisting and doing work ups on patients. Get into a good rhythm and learn how to work efficiently in your GP. It will be difficult when you first start and that’s ok. Just practice and speed will come with time.

What has been the biggest lesson you learned reflecting back on your time in clinic at UMSOD? *

Dealing with people can be really difficult but also really rewarding. Be confident in yourself. You have been living and breathing teeth for the last few years. You will know more than your patients could imagine on the subject, but don’t be afraid to seek out more information when you don’t have all the answers.

What would you have done differently from the time you started clinic to the time you finished clinic? Why? *

I would have worked harder to fill up my schedule more efficiently.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in clinic? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it? *

Managing all the differing opinions on how to handle a treatment.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received while in clinic? *

Learn as much as you can.

How did you best manage the stresses of classes and clinic at the same time? How difficult was this transition for you? *

You learn to adapt. They both offer a reprieve from one another.

Do you have any insight on how to best have access to chairs and make appointments? If you do, what advice would you give people who are seeking the most efficient way to obtain chairs? *

Book your appointment early. Try to learn your patients schedules as well as the faculty’s.

What aspect of clinic did you find to be the most time consuming and how would you recommend a student go about being more efficient? *

All the red tape involved with the school. Try to figure out what needs to be done before hand so you are prepared at the time of the treatment.

What resources did you use to prepare you for Boards Part II? *

Mastery app and old test questions.

What tips worked for you in getting patients to say “yes” to your proposed treatment? *

Be informed and relay this information to them.

What skills/techniques for certain procedures did you find particularly helpful when beginning clinic?

Ask your covering faculty for advice.

Are you going into GPR or AEGD? If so, which one and why? What was the biggest contributing factor that led you to gaining admission to your program? What advice would you give someone with interest in gaining admission to that program?

GPR because I need it to get a license. Reach out to people who went to the programs you are interested to best learn about them.

Did you attend a clerkship? If so, which one and what has been the biggest benefit you had from being a part of it?

Radiology taught me a lot about CBCT

What did you do that you feel gave you an advantage in patient selection for boards?

Find your patients early!

What was something that you did differently from your peers that you feel benefited you in clinic and that you will be able to carry on in private practice/residency?

I bounced around between specialty clinics a lot.

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