Titans of GP 3: Dr. Kaitlin Delaney

Updated: Jan 31

By Kaitlin Delaney (2020)

Edited By Jamie Bieber

What GP are you in? What is unique about your GP that you feel makes it better than the others? *

3- We are a cohesive family. It was so much fun to come to clinic and see other students and directors that felt like family.

If you were a D2 what advice would you have given yourself to better prepare you for clinic? *

Try to be present in clinic as much as possible. The only way you will learn is if you show up!

What is a trait that you believe is crucial for success in clinic? Why? *

Caring about your patients and working hard to make them comfortable, as patients are only going to return if you give them reasons to return!

What was your first procedure? What went right? What went wrong? What would you have done differently? What did you learn from it? *

TPW on my mom. I was incredibly nervous. I filled out her med hx form ahead of time, which was incredibly helpful as it saved time. I did not realize that I had to contact her old dentist for radiographs, so that ended up taking up way too much time during the appointment. I learned to do this step ahead of time for patients who had been seen at another dentist recently!

What has been the biggest lesson you learned reflecting back on your time in clinic at UMSOD? *

Learn from your mistakes! You will make lots of mistakes. That is okay. The important thing is to utilize them as opportunities to learn.

What would you have done differently from the time you started clinic to the time you finished clinic? Why? *

Nothing. I am happy that I did not have a perfect experience as it allowed me to learn.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in clinic? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it? *

Not getting upset when patients cancelled or no showed. I had to develop thicker skin and learn to not take it personally. The patients we treat in the school are typically lower income and live difficult lives. I had to learn to understand that sometimes dental care is not high on their list of priorities.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received while in clinic? *

To learn from your mistakes!

How did you best manage the stresses of classes and clinic at the same time? How difficult was this transition for you? *

It was not difficult at all. 3rd and 4th years are much easier than 1st and 2nd just because you are doing what you have always wanted to do! Working on humans is a million times better than plastic mouths that you never develop a relationship with.

Do you have any insight on how to best have access to chairs and make appointments? If you do, what advice would you give people who are seeking the most efficient way to obtain chairs? *

Be nice to the front desk!

What aspect of clinic did you find to be the most time consuming and how would you recommend a student go about being more efficient? *

Lab work. Do it right the first time. Collect all the data as best as you can at the TPW. Take great pre-treatment photos and the best radiographs you can as this will save you time throughout the process and allow you to give your patient the best treatment plan.

What resources did you use to prepare you for Boards Part II? *

The mastery app. It is all you will need!

What tips worked for you in getting patients to say “yes” to your proposed treatment? *

Developing a relationship with patients and gaining their trust is incredibly critical. This is so important for the rest of your career!!

What skills/techniques for certain procedures did you find particularly helpful when beginning clinic?

The clinic manual was helpful at first.

Do you believe UMSOD prepared you well enough? How so?

Yes! I feel well prepared for private practice and I am so excited to finally be a dentist.

Do you listen to any dental related podcasts? What are your favorite ones and why?

Yes. Dentistry Uncensored because he calls out all of the ridiculousness within our profession. I also like the Dental Guys for more clinical aspects.

Did you attend a clerkship? If so, which one and what has been the biggest benefit you had from being a part of it?

Yes!! Diamond scholars. This program is hands down the best thing this school has to offer. I got to treat so many more patients than I would have in the pre-doc clinic. The faculty in AEGD is incredible and allow you to push yourself to do a tremendous amount of clinical work. I have learned so much throughout the last year and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone planning on practicing general dentistry.

Were you a Diamond Scholar? If so, how did you best organize yourself for success in attaining all requirements to achieve Diamond scholar status?

Yes! I think the key was developing relationships with my patients early on and showing them that I am willing to go above and beyond for them. When you can motivate a patient and also change their negative perspective of dental visits, they will want to complete the treatment that they need.

What did you do that you feel gave you an advantage in patient selection for boards?

Being in Diamond Scholars because I saw so many more patients

What was something that you did differently from your peers that you feel benefited you in clinic and that you will be able to carry on in private practice/residency?

Be happy! Support one another and be a team.

Would you mind providing your e-mail/social media accounts for future students to follow/contact you if they may have any questions?


If you have any additional advice/tips you'd like to disclose please feel free to do so below and thank you so much for your participation .

Have fun!

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