Titans of GP 8: Rowan Kubeluis

By Rowan Kubeluis (2021)

What GP are you in? What is unique about your GP that you feel makes it better than the others?

GP 8. My GP has directors that are very dedicated to helping us learn how to be efficient and practical dentists in the real world. They talk to us about how everything relates to private practice, and they really push us to excel.

If you were a D2 what advice would you have given yourself to better prepare you for clinic?

Relax- it will be okay. You will learn everything it just takes time to adjust to all the intricacies clinic involves.

What is a trait that you believe is crucial for success in clinic? Why?

Confidence is important because there are days where you will make mistakes but having the confidence to keep going and not get down on yourself or your worth as a dentist is what will help you learn and become even better.

What was your first procedure? What went right? What went wrong? What would you have done differently? What did you learn from it?

My first procedure was a denture adjustment. I spent a lot of time running back and forth finding the supplies, and I also took the appointment in PROS. I would have done it in GP if I could go back and would have researched the materials I needed ahead of time to be prepared. Other than that, it went well. My patient was difficult and was falling asleep in the chair. This experience taught me that sometimes you have to be strict with patients and tell them when behavior is unacceptable.

What has been the biggest lesson you learned reflecting back on your time in clinic at UMSOD?

I learned to be confident in myself and my knowledge. I have learned how to be in control of the appointment and not be a push over to the patient while still having the patient's respect.

What would you have done differently from the time you started clinic to the time you finished clinic? Why?

I would jump at more opportunities to challenge competencies or take emergencies/screenings the first time the arise and not let fear hold me back.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome in clinic? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it?

In the beginning fear of not doing something correct held me back. I overcame this by seeing more and more patients and ultimately building my experiences and rapport with patients which gave me the confidence to take on more and challenge myself.

What has been the best piece of advice you have received while in clinic?

Make yourself busy!

How did you best manage the stresses of classes and clinic at the same time? How difficult was this transition for you?

Don't take on more than you can handle. Maintaining a healthy balance is important. This transition was not too difficult for me because I am good at recognizing how much I can handle before getting stressed out and I tried to not overwork myself.

Do you have any insight on how to best have access to chairs and make appointments? If you do, what advice would you give people who are seeking the most efficient way to obtain chairs?

Book ahead of time, confirm appointments, and if you’re looking for something last minutes chances are a chair will open up within 24 hours of when you need. DONT GHOST BOOK! This ruins it for everyone else

What aspect of clinic did you find to be the most time consuming and how would you recommend a student go about being more efficient?

Pros appointments are very time consuming because there is a lot that of forms and codes that must be completed before you can begin. Follow the ppts and ask for help and guidance when needed.

What resources did you use to prepare you for Boards Part II?

Haven't taken yet- will be using mastery

What tips worked for you in getting patients to say “yes” to your proposed treatment?

Be genuine and explain to them why it would benefit them. Show them you care by using phrases such as "If you were my family, I would want you to get this"

What skills/techniques for certain procedures did you find particularly helpful when beginning clinic?

Time management, organization, and preparation are all important for every procedure you complete as well as managing your rolodex as a whole.

Who were your faculty mentor(s)? What was the best advice they gave you? why did you choose them to be your mentor?

Dr. Freundlich because he is so dedicated to helping us become great dentists by constantly working in lessons about the real world and private practice into school. He pushed me from the beginning to do better, work faster, and be more efficient.

Did you attend a clerkship? If so, which one and what has been the biggest benefit you had from being a part of it?

No- applied for OMFS

What was something that you did differently from your peers that you feel benefited you in clinic and that you will be able to carry on in private practice/residency?

Built really great relationships with my patients because I became genuinely invested in them as people and not just as "numbers" to help graduate.

Would you mind providing your e-mail/social media accounts for future students to follow/contact you if they may have any questions? Please provide that info below.


If you have any additional advice/tips you'd like to disclose please feel free to do so below and thank you so much for your participation.

Be confident and stay relaxed in the beginning. The patients will come and you will not fall behind! Just keep yourself busy and work towards learning as much as you can and you'll do great.

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