We Went to Hawaii!

A Hawaii Experience

Written by: Nik Malmstrom

Our lovely team in Hawaii!

Attending the Annual Session of the American Dental Association in Hawaii was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. I think to say it was comprehensive describes it best. At the meeting, there was an exhibit hall featuring a wide array of some of the newest innovations within the field, from Carestream’s newest CBCT model, the CS 9600, to the Sonendo Gentle Wave System. The demonstrations were fascinating, though I’m not entirely sure how one affords the CS 9600 at ~$125,000 a piece, nor how obturation will be worked out with the Sonendo system as it stands.

ADA Conference

Regardless, beyond technology we had the chance to sit in on delegates meetings in order to learn how the politics of dentistry within the ADA is run. As part of ADA’s 4th district, we learned about areas of concern within dentistry’s largest governing body such as changes in ADA dues, potential new licensure exams such as the OSCE, measures to counter the opioid crisis and student debt, and changing trends with mid-level providers. We also got to sit in on the highly contested and sometimes quite dramatic election races. Plus, we got to meet up with ADA’s newly elected President Dr. Jeff Cole as well as many prominent members of MSDA to talk about dentistry in the mid-Atlantic. Perhaps the most significant treat to attending this conference was being able to meet dentists from all across the country and build connections with different practitioners of various specialties to learn about how they got to where they are today and where they see the future of our profession. Also, it probably goes without saying that attending this conference in probably one of the most beautiful states in America was a treat. As Dr. Franson Tom, candidate for ADA treasurer and native Hawaiian, said time and again “AAAAAlooooha!”.

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