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Wellness is about more than just physical health. It includes Mental, Spiritual, Environmental, Emotional, social and Physical wellbeing.

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Join us for ASDA's Mile-A-Day Challenge for wellness month! :) 


Log the number of miles you walk each week to be entered into a random drawing for prizes! You must walk a minimum of 1 mile per day. At the end of every Sunday, send a screenshot of your miles to the email "" and fill out the survey link 


Feel free to use any platform to count your miles-- activity app, myfitness pal, health app, etc.



With the stress of the pandemic, it’s important to remember our physical wellness and get outside of the house and move around! Another incentive for you is that each week, an individual participant will be randomly chosen to receive a $50 gift card to a vendor of their choosing (Nike, Lululemons, Under Armour, Dick's Sporting Goods) and at the end of the month, ASDA will award a $250 Amazon gift card to the ASDA chapter with the highest average mile count! 


So let’s get walkin! :)

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